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Vincent Calame

284 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Vincent Calame 284 days ago
Vincent C   Calame, Vincent: developper of socioeco.org website (http://www.socioeco.org). His first work on geographical data was the BDIS (Base de données des initiatives solidaires: Solidarity initiatives database) in 2010 which is no more active. Two maps are proposed on socioeco.org website: ESS initiative (http://www.socioeco.org/carteessglobal_en.html)  which is based on the first ESSGlobal protocol (established in 2012) and SSE solutions map (http://www.socioeco.org/solutions_en.html)  gathering all geolocalized pages  of socioeco.org. Now, he experiments the aggregation of geolocalized data from different sources through Python scripts and backed on Scrutari, an open source metadata search engine: http://apps.socioeco.org/geosse/ (french interface only for the moment). He is also OpenStreetMap contributor.
290 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Vincent Calame 290 days ago
Vincent C Vincent : at 4:25 p.m. FIRENZE S.M.N
Maïa: flight at 3:00 pm FLR airport
Vincent : at 9:00 pm FIRENZE S.M.N

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