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Silke Helfrich

285 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Thadeus Protz , Silke Helfrich 285 days ago
  • Budget
Wendy B estimated Total 7000 euros
In hand:
1500 euro from RIPESS
Silke H
  • Kevin Flanagan I am not sure you already booked your flight, did you? 
Silke H
  • Thadeus Protz  pad for collecting arrival & departure times is here 
  • ticket for one Mexican 
Silke H
  • -> Jason Nardi Wendy Brawer  Thadeus Protz  Kevin Flanagan I  am in touch with both, Claudia Gómez Portugal M  and Sebastian Romero from Vientos - but of of course it is very late; We', the conveners, have agreed to invest 1000 in flights; I've offered so far 500 (thinking that the other 500 would perhaps be needed for an USA flight (Tom); but actually the prices are 1350 Euro; 1400 ... So pls let me know: if we dare to invest more to support the flight for a mexican participant.) If so, I need to communicate this today, because they would need to take a flight on Wednesday/midday at the latest. 
Silke H
  • Given the late drop of from Anna and the fact that we don't hear back from Tom, I suggest we try everything to make them come over.
Thadeus P
  • That's really a bit late and dumping cash into flight companies :'(
Silke H
  • well, flights from Mexico are usually 1100 anyway 
Thadeus P
  • Good, let's hope at least one of the Mexicans and one from the U.S.A. inhabitants will be able to join.
  • food for all (we can co-finance sth as we need to eat at home as well) 
Silke H Accommodation: [??]
284 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Thadeus Protz , Wendy Brawer 284 days ago
  • Tom Llewellyn - Shareable (U.S. of A.)
  • Sebastian Romero, Vientos,  Mexico?
Thadeus P
  • elf-pavlik said he posted our invitation to their internal Slack.
  • Tom LLewellyn (USA)
  • Ana Margarida Esteves (Portugal)
  • Anna O'Neill - yunity / Community Care (Ireland)
Jason N
  • Logistics
Here are some important topics to be aware of: 
Ground transportation
From the Florence Airport, there is a  public bus to downtown Florence (20-30 minutes,  depending on traffic). The cost is 6 euro (10 euro return).  Bus shuttle schedule .
From the Pisa Airport, take a bus (the journey takes  around 70 minutes, traffic permitting). There are two companies that offer this service: Autostradale and Terravision. More here.
In both cases you will arrive at the main train station (S.M.Novella)
If you take the train and arrive at S.M.Novella train  station in  Florence, you can reach the Sportello on foot (20 minutes) or by bus n. C3 or 23A.
General public transport link: ATAF:  http://www.ataf.net
On March 9 at 5:00 pm we meet at Sportello EcoEquo, via dell'Agnolo 1/c.  
At 7:00 pm we will have a  buffet-supper at the Caffetteria delle Oblate, (2nd floor of the Biblioteca delle Oblate) in via dell'Oriuolo n.24, walking distance from the Sportello EcoEquo and the Duomo.
See map
Jason N Note:  We cannot provide refunding for ground transportation, so you might  wish to check the public transport options and avoid taxis.  You need to  purchase bus tickets at Newstands or Bars with the sign "T-Tabacchi".
  • Travel arrangements
Jason N
  • No, you shall take a bus - see Logistics below and in the Letter to participants sent by Silke Helfrich 
Wendy B
  • thanks Jason! let me know if i should get checked in at Airbnb before we all meet at 5PM
  • CONVENERS - Meeting
292 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Silke Helfrich 292 days ago
06:00 pm Supper at Caffetteria delle Oblate
287 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Frauke Hehl 287 days ago
Ana  Margarida's  contribution to the "Deep Dive" will be her experience studying and accompanying the Solidarity Economy mapping that was carried out in Brazil during the last decade, which served as a theoretical an methodological reference for similar mapping processes across Europe and  the USA. The needs and assets mapping carried out during that exercise support the development of  social dynamics and  economic practices that are essential for the  sustainability of the commons. 
Frauke H                                
Hehl, Frauke: studied architecture with a focus on social urban development in milano/italy.
co-founder and director of the workstation Ideenwerkstatt Berlin e.V. (www.workstation-berlin.org) and an initiator of the 'ideenaufruf' (idea-finder), started in 2000 which works on sustainable city development and  partizipation.
* since 2001 active in the Berlin-wide network of Urban Gardening (www.gruenanteil.net), which
   concerns itself with urban subsistence and sustainable economies.
* an initiator of the Ladyfest in Berlin (www.ladyfest.net) or of networking activities as 
* lecturer for youth and adult education.
* active in several self-organized-focussed associations Verbund Offener Werkstätten e.V. 
* actual projects are 'Kunst-Stoffe ~ Zentralstelle für wiederverwendbare Materialien' 
  (www.kunst stoffe-berlin.de), collaboration with Berliner Lastenradnetzwerk 
293 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Silke Helfrich 293 days ago
It should BY NO MEANS be more than 20 including organizers and local people! 
Michael Maier (also TransforMap)*
some strategy guy from OSM? *
Remix the Commons
  • Frédéric Sultan *
  • Yves Otis* (connects to Canada; English will be easier for him and more familiar with tech side)
PublicLab: Liz Barry ebarry@gmail.com
  • PPL WHO WANT TO JOIN (after Brussels meeting)
309 days ago
  • Intro
Up to $5k seed funding for 5-7 labs,  anywhere in the world before 21 August 2017. The outcomes of the labs will be presented at a special science-policy session in Stockholm on 24 August 2017. Ultimately, our vision is for the labs to feed into the UN’s High Level Political Forum (HLPF) in 2018 which is framed as “Transformation towards sustainable and resilient societies”. 
  • Application
● The title of the SDG Lab 
Wendy B
  • Intermapping Lab - an International Deep Dive* of Mapping Initiatives
Maps co-determine the way we perceive the world around us.  Mapping generates action as it guides the way we explore, assess, experience  and interpret the world. Maps and mapping are universally understood and contribute in a very palpable way to developing "world-views". In fact, maps change perceptions - this is too powerful to be left in the hands of huge corporations and their proprietarian platforms, or to be walled off by government and other institutions. 
Thadeus P
  • The 'me' in here may be a little too figurative.
The Intermapping Lab brings together technical people and non-technicians who have all produced:
• SSH maps and Transformap platform for the solidarity economy, including coops, local currencies, coworking hubs, degrowth think and do tanks, and social inclusion models, 
• Green Maps and OpenGreenMap platform for local sustainable living practicalities, nature and culture such as bike shops, solar sites, community gardens, eco centers and even toxic hot spots,
• community engagement processes and map marketing.
Staying abreast of innovation in mapping, data visualization and open data, we are software developers, designers, practiiioners, and researcher-activists, experienced in professional, hack and cooperative settings. The core team connected first over the Transformap http://transformap.co/  when Green Map provided its set of 170 icons for this platform in 2015. We met in 2016 and began planning the Intermapping for March - your timing is a great match for this Lab.  
  • Vision:
Collaboratively create a digital world wide atlas that is free, open and community governed. This altas - an interoperable map of maps - displays and links the enormous diversity of free, fair and sustainable production schemes and livelihoods, both in rural and urban contexts. 
  • Goal:
Our goal is to exchange and articulate a common framework for shared data beyond our own maps and processes. We will test this framework by applying it in a concrete region with assistance from local activists - namely the region around Florence. This will show the potential for how mapping alternatives can expand from the local to the global level. 
Mapping strategists and practitioners from several international projects will be invited by the group of conveners composed by members from ... Transformap: open source solidarity mapping platform-in-development (transformap.co) based in Germany and Austria
Green Map: 20 year old locally-led sustainability mapping movement activating communities in 65 countries (GreenMap.org) based in New York;
Ripess: international network that connects social solidarity economy networks throughout the world (ripess.org) based in all continents.
  • Something happened to the paragraph above, cannot read it, seems distorted.
  • I deleted the malicious part and replaced it with ... if you copy and pasted the text from somewhere else, please do so again.
This group identified the need for an international Deep Dive (Lab) at an informal meeting during the World Social Forum (WSF) 2016 in Montreal. As we developed the concept further, we have invited participation from experts from Shareable, Open Street Map, Ushahidi, Wikidata / Data Commons, Solidarius Italy, Solidarity Economics Institute, ESSGlobal - Open Linked Data, Italia Che Cambia, Remix the Commons, Sarapis, Goteo, Vientos and the Latin American mapping community, with a maximum of 20 participants.
Thadeus P
  • Confirmed organisations:
Wendy B XES - Network for Solidarity Economy Catalunya, Sharable (US), SolidarityEconomy.org (UK), Italia Che Cambia (Italy), Netzwerk Solidarische Ökonomie (Germany), Signos Irapuato (Mexico), Commons Recovery Foundation (Mexico), Commons Strategies Group (international), SolidarityEconomics.org (UK), TransforMap (international), Center of International Studies (Portugal) 
Silke H
  • JON; help us with adding the ORGANIZATIONS of those geek guys that need to be there & need funding!! f.i. we still don#t have anybody from OSM, nor from WIKIDATA nor from USHAHIDI or other geeks ... from the original list. Can you help with this
  • Jon: What is the potential for Prototypes of what we are doing, some language needed as well 
Thadeus P
  •     Editor that allows all users to add such alternatives is early alpha, but usable. Right now still bound to the SSEDAS or some improvised TransforMap taxonomy. 
Silke H
  • JON; please scroll down to the question "WHAT INNOVATIONS COME OUT OF THIS" ..? (and and put the names here and not only in the spreadsheet)
  • Here is for confirmed names, no?
  •     12 confirmed
  •     5 us
  •     3 left
Silke H
  • ---> pLEASE NOTE: THe mix of ppl is CRUCIAl, more crucial than the number
  • Confirmed individuals:
Silke H Ana Margarida Esteves, Center of International Studies (Portugal)
Thadeus P Mariana Maltas - RIPESS (Portugal)
Kevin F Matt Wallis - SolidarityEconomics.org (Great Britain)
Thadeus P Anna O'Neill - yunity / community care (Ireland)
Robert Orzanna - transformaps / independent (Germany)
Wendy B Claudia Gómez Portugal - / Mexico
Kevin F Nathalie Castiaux 
Wendy B Anna Fernandez from XES Catalunia (Pam-a-Pam)
Thadeus P Tom Llewellyn - Shareable, (U.S. of A.)
Frauke Hehl - workstation berlin, (Germany)
Jason N Vincent Calame - Socioeco.org (France)
Anna Lisa Pecoriello - CIVISM-Firenze Bene Comune (Italy)
Wendy B Jason Nardi - RIPESS Europe
Silke - Common Strategies Group (Germany)
Thadeus P Kevin Flanagan - Ireland
Wendy Brawer - GreenMap (U.S. of A.)
Jon Richter - transformaps, Ecobytes (Germany)
Our starting point is the recognition of TAPAS: 'There Are Plenty of AlternativeS', i.e. we will start honoring the work already done to map the places and projects at varying scales wherever they are. Exploring the challenges and potentials of mapping TAPAS together and doing it in a commons-friendly way leads us to a federated system of maps based on shared ideas and principles. An initial proposal for conceptualizing  mapping based on a commons framework has been made and will serve as a starting point for our debate.
Silke H We will articulate a common framework and the initial design of an open and interoperable platform for shared data about the diversity of alternatives to a growth-driven economy. 
Wendy B We will test this framework by applying it in a concrete region around Florence. At the local level, the start of an alternatives map will be created.  This will show the potential for how mapping alternatives can expand from the local to the global level and allow to create connections and collaborations, that can result in new forms of economic intelligence (Such alternatives are characterized by: short supply chains, collective distribution systems,  direct user-consumer-producer exchanges, local exchange trade systems,  platform cooperative practices...)
Report and clarification of future steps in the overall process for presentation in Stockholm.
The first article about the Intermapping can be found here - http://bit.ly/P2PproDay
Focused participation during the Lab, expanding to involve local residents.

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