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Jason Nardi

295 days ago
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10:00 am 
Where?  Aula delle Pietre, DIDA - University of Florence - Faculty of Architecture, via Micheli 2, Firenze
This session will bring academics who are working on rethinking the urban and peri-urban spaces (mainly from the PRIN research project that is working on the Post-metropolitan Atlas, coordinated by Giancarlo Paba: http://www.postmetropoli.it), researchers, doctoral students and others to confront methodologies and technologies with the Intermapping group and see how that can test the work done and open other possibilities, including a more systemic approach and the use of big data to compare contextual elements where Alternatives emerge.
274 days ago
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Jason N Asperius, Luca: activist, journalist, filmmaker and webdeveloper. Projects I'm involved: [IT] ITALIA CHE CAMBIA (http://www.italiachecambia.org - map > http://mappa.italiachecambia.org), [DE] IM WANDEL (http://www.imwandel.net - http://berlin.imwandel.net - http://brandenburg.imwandel.net), [DE] Forum Solidarsiche Ökonomie (http://www.solidarische-oekonomie.de/), [DE] Solikon (http://solikon2015.org/en), [DE] SoliOli (http://solioli.de/), [EU] Ripess (http://www.ripess.eu/)
283 days ago
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  • WED the 8th: 
Alba: 7 pm FLR airport
Jason N Luca: afternoon from PSA airport
  • THU the 9th: 
284 days ago
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01:30 pm Lunch @ Spazio Alfieri-Iragazzidelsipario
376 days ago
Participants MAPPING DEEP DIVE MARCH 2017 - The InterMapping
List of possible participants for the MAPPING TAPAs INTERNATIONAL DEEP DIVE OF MAPPING INITIATIVES - will be constantly updated according to the decision making process. 
How does such a list work?
Everybody with access to this pad is entitled to make suggestions wondering: Who needs to be there?
Add names on this draft list. 
At the end we need 15 ppl (+ 5 organizers). In order to garanty the presence of 20, we need to have 30 names on the initial list!
Keep in mind, that the list will probably not be finished until the very end. New names pop up, people drop out because they are not available or  they get ill at the very last moment. 
It should BY NO MEANS be more than 20 including organizers and local people! This is due to logistic reasons and for making sure, that there can really be a commoning process.
A few criteria:
Silke H The most important thing is to have a good mix of profiles:
- geeks and no-geeks 
- ppl from different mapping initiatives and ppl who are NOT part of a mapping initiative
-  if it is in Europe there will probably be a majority of Europeans due  to financial reasons
-  at least be ONE (better two) person(s) involved in the  political process or the mapping process of where we wish to do the first massive mapping of a specific region)
  • Proposals: 
  • SILKE has added * for her favorits on December 5 (everbody can add a max of 20!)
  • (2)
  • Jon Richter (for the tech side)*
  • Adrien Labaye for the community  building/governance side
Wendy B Green Map
  • Wendy Brawer, Green Map*
  • and a European Green Mapmaker (possibly Ciprian Samoila  samoila.ciprian@yahoo.co.uk ) 
Wendy B
  • Nathalie Castiaux of Mexico - ncastiaux@gmail.com
  • Tom Llewellyn of MapJam?  tom@shareable.net *
  • it's an expensive trip, but sbd. from Shareable should be there, not sure of TOm, they will know better than we do
Michael Maier (also TransforMap)*
Thadeus P
  • (does not involve in the future anymore)
Silke H some strategy guy from OSM? *
Thadeus P
  • We need a new contact here
Wendy B Ushahidi?
Common Ground Network (Canada)
New Economy Coalition?
  • Jules Peck?
Silke H Wikidata Commons?
a political/ strategic person: *
Wikimedia/ Wikidata Commons geek: *
 -> any concrete proposals for names here?
  • (2-3)
Jason Nardi, Solidarius Italy/ Ripess Europe  * *
Matt Wallis, Solidarity Economics Institute, UK (Jason)* *  (see his e-mail below)
Mariana Maltas, ESSGlobal - Open Linked Data (Jason)* *
Luca Asperius, Italia che cambia www.italiachecambia.org *,  (Jason)
yves@percolab.com Remix the Commons
  • Frédéric Sultan *
Thadeus P
  • Nicole Leonard
  • Yves Otis* (connects to Canada; English will be easier for him and more familiar with tech side)
Wendy B Sahana and Occupy
Silke H
  • (please clarify: is that 1 or 2?)
Devin Balkind (of Sarap.is, Sahana and Occupy) devin@sarapis.org
Goteo (1); ask Maria Perulero or sbd else -> We might start a crowdfunding with Goteo right there at the meeting *
Thadeus P
  • Enric Senabre * had mentioned interest in our work before
PublicLab: Liz Barry ebarry@gmail.com
Silke H Big Transition Map (PLEASE ADD A LINK)
Ellen F Great Lakes Commons Map
Thadeus P Paul Baines paul@greatlakescommonsmap.org 
  • Claudia Gómez Portugal claudia.sakbe@gmail.com   -> Wd be great to have sbd from Mexico or LA (silke)
+ sbd. from Latin Americas mapping communities; f.i.
  • Sebastian Romero: * Co-founder Vientos. tianfut@gmail.com
UX, Social Psychology, System Dynamics.
  • Ellen Friedman ellen@ellenfriedman.com 
Jason N Locals (Italy)
  • Anna Lisa Pecoriello (Florence Commons Forum, Univ. of Florence)
  • Millepiani (?)
Silke H other important maps
(f.i. Makers and Fab Labs) (1-2):
304 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Jason Nardi 304 days ago
Kevin Flanagan has worked as an event organiser and is a trained facilitator using participatory approach known as the Art of Hosting.
Jason N Jason Nardi coordinates the European network for Social Solidarity Economy (RIPESS Europe) and has worked on the first interoperability standards for SSE data and maps called ESSGlobal, as well as developed methodologies and tools for collective mappings.
439 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by yves@percolab.com , Kevin Flanagan , Jason Nardi , Wendy Brawer 439 days ago
Mapping Convergence Meetings
yves@percolab.com Oct 3rd Notes
Kevin F TIME - 6pm CEST / 1hr duration please join the call early to avoid technical issues we will aim to start on time
yves@percolab.com Participants : 
Kevin Flanagan
Yves Otis
1. RIPESS will contribute :  1 000  €
2. Venue/Date : March 2017
Kevin F
  • Considering options for long weekends.
  • Do we need a venue that provides accommodation or it might be easier to find a standalone venue and separate accomodation arrangements.
Jason looking at 3 possible places : 
Jason N
  • Downtown Florence - may be expensive (for lodging - but can have solidarity acommodation)
  • Farm house outside Florence (occupied farm-> a commons farm) great for meeting, but pretty basic for lodging - Also have option for a day trip
  • Countryside 40km outside Florence (14/15 pers)
Next step
  • Work on a summary document clarifiying intent, purposes
  • Based on Silke's/Transformap proposal and this wiki
  • What are we trying to achieve? What impact?
  • Once it is mapped, what after? is it only the process of mapping?
TIME - 6pm CEST / 1hr duration please join the call early to avoid technical issues we will aim to start on time.
Kevin Flanagan
Jason N Jason Nardi
  • Ripess: according to Jason 1000 Euro
  • Who else can help to pool some money for general expenses or cross-financing for air-fares?
  • Who will NOT be able to pay for his/her own ticket?
For Ripess (2-3): 
Jason Nardi, Solidarius Italy/ Ripess Europe  
Matt Wallis, Solidarity Economics Institute, UK (Jason)
Kevin F Mariana Maltas, ESSGlobal - Open Linked Data (Jason)
Jason N Luca Asperius, Italia che cambia www.italiachecambia.org,  (Jason)
Kevin F
  • 7. Summary Description
We would like to invite you to join us for Mapping the Commons in March 2017.
The camp will be in the form of in the form of a Deep Dive shall allow for an in-depth analysis of the existing challenges to a distributed, semantic mapping process.
What are the questions we are trying to address?
How does mapping support the strategic development of commons and SSE initiatives?
Will there be a public event?
Visiting local initiatives.
How does mapping impact communities.
Online element connecting and mapping with local communities.
Facilitation? Is it required? How would it work?
Framework for shared data beyond our own maps and processes.

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