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vinc Jumeaux, Vincent:  Inclusive pedagogist in software development, Vincent comes from a  humanities background with Master degree in Risk Management and  International Cooperation at SciencePo Bordeaux in 2009. Expatriation in  southern countries as a humanitarian project manager made him discovering the power of softwares as universal tools to address informational situations. Switching to a technical field in 2013 as a software engineer, following the ever-ending path of software craftsmanship, he transfers and endlessly learns practices among solidarity organizations  such as Libraries Without Borders, Simplon.co. During the last two years, Vincent provided software skills & inclusive trainings as a  freelancer activist to local organizations in La Loupe & Le Cheylard, France. Advocate of agile, freeganism and doocracy, he is an active member of Framalang/Framasoft
Nardi, Jason: works for Solidarius Italia and RIPESS EU - Solidarity Economy Europe and is part of the RIPESS Intercontinental board of directors.  An advocate for social justice, ethical finance, commons and communication rights, he is an active member of the International Council of the World Social Forum, has been organiser for Terra Futura (Italian yearly event on SSE with more than 50’000 participants) and has co-created Zoes.org – the first Italian social network for SSE. With a background on Communication and media (Princeton University, USA and a Master’s degree at the University of Florence), he has been director of the italian center of Oneworld.net – Unimondo (www.unimondo.org). With RIPESS's mapping working group, he has been working on the interoperability defining the ESSglobal vocabulary, and has worked on an app to map European SSE initiatives (Go-fair.eu).  Jason is currently on the board of the Italian Ngo COSPE (cospe.org) and of an organic-fair catering cooperative (zenzerocooperativa.it). In his hometown, Florence (Italy), he’s promoting the CSA (GAS) network, Commons Forum and Solidarity Economy District. He’s also a trainer on Solidarity Economy topics and co-founded Solidarius in Italy (solidarius.it), a research-consulting organisation to help develop solidarity economy networks, part of a Brasilian based international network (Solidarius.net).
Wallis, Matt: works for the Institute for Solidarity Economics (http://solidarityeconomics.org) in Oxford, UK. He is a software engineer with academic background in mathematics and computer science. Recently working on Linked Open Data for the Solidarity Economy, using the ESSGLOBAL RDF vocabulary.  He has published an experimental set of Linked Open Data (http://data.solidarityeconomics.org/id/experimental/test/co-ops-uk) describing co-ops in the UK using the ESSGLOBAL application profile, and produced a map application (http://data.solidarityeconomics.org/map-app/) as an aid to explore the linked open data. 
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  • Tom Llewellyn - Shareable (U.S. of A.)
  • Sebastian Romero, Vientos,  Mexico?
Thadeus P
  • elf-pavlik said he posted our invitation to their internal Slack.
  • Tom LLewellyn (USA)
  • Ana Margarida Esteves (Portugal)
  • Anna O'Neill - yunity / Community Care (Ireland)
Jason N
  • Logistics
Here are some important topics to be aware of: 
Ground transportation
From the Florence Airport, there is a  public bus to downtown Florence (20-30 minutes,  depending on traffic). The cost is 6 euro (10 euro return).  Bus shuttle schedule .
From the Pisa Airport, take a bus (the journey takes  around 70 minutes, traffic permitting). There are two companies that offer this service: Autostradale and Terravision. More here.
In both cases you will arrive at the main train station (S.M.Novella)
If you take the train and arrive at S.M.Novella train  station in  Florence, you can reach the Sportello on foot (20 minutes) or by bus n. C3 or 23A.
General public transport link: ATAF:  http://www.ataf.net
On March 9 at 5:00 pm we meet at Sportello EcoEquo, via dell'Agnolo 1/c.  
At 7:00 pm we will have a  buffet-supper at the Caffetteria delle Oblate, (2nd floor of the Biblioteca delle Oblate) in via dell'Oriuolo n.24, walking distance from the Sportello EcoEquo and the Duomo.
See map
Jason N Note:  We cannot provide refunding for ground transportation, so you might  wish to check the public transport options and avoid taxis.  You need to  purchase bus tickets at Newstands or Bars with the sign "T-Tabacchi".
  • Travel arrangements
Jason N
  • No, you shall take a bus - see Logistics below and in the Letter to participants sent by Silke Helfrich 
Wendy B
  • thanks Jason! let me know if i should get checked in at Airbnb before we all meet at 5PM
  • CONVENERS - Meeting

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