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Maïa Dereva

285 days ago
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Curado Malta, Mariana: is a semantic modeler, born in Portugal in 1969. She is an engineer and has a PhD in Information Systems and Technologies. She is Associated professor in the Polythecnic of Oporto. Mariana has developed, together with RIPESS, the ESSGLOBAL RDF vocabulary and the metadata application Profile for SSE. She is now on a leave from the Polytechnic of Oporto working in Madrid in a project financed by an ERC Grant that will provide means for poetry data to be published as Linked Open Data.
Maïa D Dereva Maïa: born In France in 1974, she studied cell biology, physiology, communication and psychology. She became webmaster after a self-taught training and worked in numerous contexts, always with writing as a parallel activity: columnist, journalist, editorial webmaster, blogger. She created Semeoz.info in 2015 (observatory of collaborative and constructive practices, with a collection of maps) and started to contribute to various P2P/Commons projects, for example P2P Foundation, Transformap, Assembly of Commons of Lille (France) or European Commons Assembly.
278 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Maïa Dereva 278 days ago
Jason N
  • Not sure we'll all be there, perhaps better at 3:30 or 4pm.
Maïa D
  • To keep in touch:
Maïa Dereva: maia.dereva@semeoz.info

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