Commons as a New Political Subject (5)

5. The Commons as a New Political Subject

Time, Location TBD Link: TBD

The  question of the Common is often raised for water, land, the oceans, the  forests… In recent years there is increasing interest for social  commons such as healthcare, education and other social services.

This  point is also discussed in the context of the social and solidarity  economy and it has become an important part of alternatives to a  commodified society, built on private property. In this workshop we want  to see how the issue of the Common is looked at in different countries  and continents. What are the common points of these experiences?

Organizers to be confirmed:

Transform’s and Global Social Justice session- they have 2 in the commons space but 3 more officially outside -> if coordination needed/ ask Chantal. Silke will evt. be a speaker, if invited. But she won’t be so much part of organizing - more of Chantal and Elisabetta. 

TIMING: See this event 5, before event 6. Start political then go to actors  - state, new social movements etc. Can promote this too. 

Consciousness/ awareness of commons as a narrative?