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Nom Contact Telephone Organization Proposition Participation
Abdou Salam Fall asfall@refer.sn Lartes
Alain Ambrosi ambrosia@web.ca remixthecommons
Alexandre Lette gubertlette@gmail.com Rufisque Tech Hub Documentation
Alison Powell a.powell@lse.ac.uk London school of Economics Data Workshop
Boaventura de Sousa Santos
Chantal Delmas chantaldelmas1954@gmail.com Transform (France) Emancipation Space, Mapping
Elisabeth Peredo Bolivie
Elisabetta Cangelosi betta.cangelosi@gmail.com Transform (Italie) Mapping
Ellen Friedman ellencfriedman@gmail.com Global Commons Charter
Fred Sultan fredericsultan@gmail.com, Gazibo, remixthecommons.org remixthecommons (France)
Gaelle Krikorian gaelle.krikorian@gmail.com European Commons Assembly) (France)
Ianik Marcil im@ianikmarcil.com Forum d'économie Sociale (Québec)
Jason Nardi jason.nardi@gmail.com RIPESS (Italie) Open Cooperatives, Convergence
Jayne Fondation Mc Connel
Jean Louis Bancel jean-louis.bancel@credit-cooperatif.coop Coop des communs / Crédit coopératif
Jean Rossiaud jean.rossiaud@les-idees.ch Mapping
Jon Richter jon@allmende.io +49 175 321 15 25 Transformap Mapping
Kevin Flanagan kevin@p2pfoundation.net P2P fondation (Irelande) Open cooperatives, Organizing, mapping
Lea Eynaud eynaud.lea@gmail.com Sociologist of activism and commons
Matthieu Rheaume matthieurheaume@gmail.com Card games/ documentation
Nancy Neantam Chantier d’économie sociale Québec)
Nicolas Krausz nicolas.krausz@fph.ch Fondation Progrès de l'Homme Funders
Nicolas Loubet nicolas.loubet@umaps.fr Documentation, Ecole de Donnees
Nicolas Sauret nnicolaoss@gmail.com +1 438 404 5993
Nicole Leonard nicole.leonard@sciencespo.fr +33 7 83 66 82 86 Organizing
Örsan Şenalp orsan1234@gmail.com
Pablo Solon
Pascalle Delille pascale.delille@free.fr RUIESS (France)
Sarah ECTO
Silke Helfrich silke.helfrich@gmx.de Commons Strategies Group (Allemagne)
Stephanie Berube stephanielberube@gmail.com
Stéphanie Rearik steph@stephanierearick.com Mutual Aid Network / P2p fondation (USA)
Sylvia Fredricksson sylvia.fredriksson@gmail.com Open Knowledge foundation
Tobias Troll tobias@edgefunders.org EDGE EDGE Funders Meeting
Yves Otis yves@percolab.com +1 514 812 7183 percolab Mapping, Organizing
Yves-Marie Abraham yves-marie.abraham@hec.ca Décroissance conviviale (Québec) Convergence Assembly
Monique Chartrand direction@communautique.qc.ca Communautique
Stéphane Couture steph@stephcouture.info FMLL
Sophie Toupin sophie.toupin@mcgill.ca FMLL
Beatrice David beatricedavid.mail@gmail.com CCFD Documentation, Aide
Stéphanie Lessard-Bérubé stephanielberube@gmail.com 514-578-4828 Documentariste indépendante Documentation de l'entrée en politique des communs - Remix Biens Communs
Christian Valin valin.christian@gmail.com 514-213-2446 Science po UQAM(diplomé) Jeu de cartes/documentation
Wendy Brawer web@greenmap.org +1 917 217 1054 Green Map System Mapping, icons, movement-building. I arrive late on the 11th, have a workshop afternoon of 12th, can share presentation time with you.
Claudia Gómez-Portugal claudia.sakbe@gmail.com +525518506827 Commons Recovery Foundation Knowledge mobilization, learning as a commons & interculturality south-north

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