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130 days ago
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Unfiled. Edited by Stéphanie L-Bérubé 130 days ago
  •                                          Deadline = 5 janvier 2017
  • À faire
  • Compléter + valider les informations du générique de début
  • ok de Fred

55 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Thadeus Protz 55 days ago
Nardi, Jason: works for Solidarius Italia and RIPESS EU - Solidarity Economy Europe and is part of the RIPESS Intercontinental board of directors.  An advocate for social justice, ethical finance, commons and communication rights, he is an active member of the International Council of the World Social Forum, has been organiser for Terra Futura (Italian yearly event on SSE with more than 50’000 participants) and has co-created Zoes.org – the first Italian social network for SSE. With a background on Communication and media (Princeton University, USA and a Master’s degree at the University of Florence), he has been director of the italian center of Oneworld.net – Unimondo (www.unimondo.org). With RIPESS's mapping working group, he has been working on the interoperability defining the ESSglobal vocabulary, and has worked on an app to map European SSE initiatives (Go-fair.eu).  Jason is currently on the board of the Italian Ngo COSPE (cospe.org) and of an organic-fair catering cooperative (zenzerocooperativa.it). In his hometown, Florence (Italy), he’s promoting the CSA (GAS) network, Commons Forum and Solidarity Economy District. He’s also a trainer on Solidarity Economy topics and co-founded Solidarius in Italy (solidarius.it), a research-consulting organisation to help develop solidarity economy networks, part of a Brasilian based international network (Solidarius.net).
Thadeus P Richter, Jon: 
75 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Kevin Flanagan 75 days ago
Kevin F 1.30pm After the University we are going for lunch Nidiaci 
Silke H 02:30pm
Kevin F Working sessions with Nidiaci - / Florence Commons Forum / Content according to the process
Presentations and discussion
Meetings until 4pm
Short Break for Coffee 15/20 mins
Wrap up meeting at Nidiaci until 7pm
Jason leaves for pickup at 7pm
We go for dinner
We then will have Wed Free
76 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Maïa Dereva 76 days ago
Jason N
  • Not sure we'll all be there, perhaps better at 3:30 or 4pm.
Maïa D
  • To keep in touch:
Maïa Dereva: maia.dereva@semeoz.info
79 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Kevin Flanagan 79 days ago
250 euro from transformaps
535 (AirBnB) 530 Euro + City Tax (2.50pp) 
100 (Place B) Vincent
  •  Home Stay - Jason / Food Shopping for Dinner on the 11th / 65
130 = 10 each x 13 - (9th Dinner)  
240 = 16 x 15 (10th Dinner) 
75 = 5 X 15 (10th Lunch)  
  •   11th Dinner at Jasons
150 = 10 x 15 (meals 12th Mondegi)  
60 = 12 x 5 (13th Lunch)  
150 AVG = 12 x (6-10) + drinks 13th Dinner Pizza   
60  = 12 x 5 (14th - Lunch)   Donation
150 - Bus to/from Mondeggi 
20 Euro (Jason Gas) 
total 1800
82 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Jason Nardi 82 days ago
01:30 pm Lunch @ Spazio Alfieri-Iragazzidelsipario
90 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Silke Helfrich 90 days ago
It should BY NO MEANS be more than 20 including organizers and local people! 
Michael Maier (also TransforMap)*
some strategy guy from OSM? *
Remix the Commons
  • Frédéric Sultan *
  • Yves Otis* (connects to Canada; English will be easier for him and more familiar with tech side)
PublicLab: Liz Barry ebarry@gmail.com
  • PPL WHO WANT TO JOIN (after Brussels meeting)
102 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Jason Nardi 102 days ago
Kevin Flanagan has worked as an event organiser and is a trained facilitator using participatory approach known as the Art of Hosting.
Jason N Jason Nardi coordinates the European network for Social Solidarity Economy (RIPESS Europe) and has worked on the first interoperability standards for SSE data and maps called ESSGlobal, as well as developed methodologies and tools for collective mappings.
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